What is Dermal Filler?

Dermal filler is a product that can be used under the skin to support and replace areas of volume loss or where enhancements are required.

The dermal fillers used by Dr Marjan Goodacre are hyaluronic acid based, which is what the skin is made of naturally. As we age we lose the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin leading to sagginess, wrinkling and volume loss. With hyaluronic acid fillers this loss can now be replaced by dermal filler treatments.


Juvederm® is one of the most established dermal filler products from the reputable pharmaceutical company Allergan who first created Botox®. The dermal filler is hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin, to refresh, volumise or enhance the face.

There are 2 ranges of Juvederm®; the Ultra range and the Vycross range. Dr Marjan Goodacre uses the Juvederm Vycross® range for her treatments as it is the more advanced range, with more natural results that last much longer.

Dr Marjan Goodacre is one of few practitioners selected by Allergan Pharmaceuticals for their top tier training in the latest filler techniques and advanced facial enhancement treatments.


What happens during Dermal Filler Treatment?

During your consultation, Dr Marjan Goodacre will first listen to your concerns and what you would like to achieve. Clinical photos will be taken and your face examined and assessed fully. All options will be discussed with you and a treatment plan created to achieve your desired result.

When you are ready to proceed with treatment, your skin will be cleansed and disinfected. Areas for treatment will be marked out on your face and the dermal filler syringe will be prepared. Dr Marjan Goodacre will use either a cannula or needle for your treatment depending on the area you are having treated. Dr Goodacre is very delicate and precise with her treatments and most patients rarely bruise after the procedure. If you are prone to bruising make sure to speak to Dr Goodacre who will give you some advice on how this can be avoided or reduced.

Dermal Filler Treatments by Dr Goodacre

There are many factors that need to be considered for the perfect lips. Dr Marjan Goodacre will carry out a full assessment of the proportions and definition, the volume and contouring of your lips and she will discuss with you the different options and listen to what you want to achieve. You can improve the definition, lip lines, volume, proportions, cupids bow, philtrum, downward smile and lines at the corners of the mouth. You can have your lips treated for a natural enhancement so that nobody notices you have done anything. They just look perfect.

Volume loss in the cheek area is one of the first areas where volume loss occurs. As the bone and fat pads in the cheek area shrink; this causes sagging of the skin and creates deeper nose to mouth lines and tear troughs. Dr Marjan Goodacre uses special techniques to restore volume loss maintaining natural results. Dr Goodacre will first assess where the volume loss has occurred; whether deep or superficial and at which specific points of the cheekbone. Dr Goodacre creates beautifully defined contours of the face that will perfectly complement the full face.

The chin is an important part of the face as it is the apex of the face. Minor enhancements to the chin area can change the overall look of the face in a positive way. Chin treatments are essential when it is set back and affects the profile of the face. Chin treatments are also required when volume loss in the area has occurred causing a downward smile, chin wrinkling, deepening lower face lines or an upward curve to the chin.

Jaw line treatments are very popular to create jawline definition. Jaw line filler treatment is also essential to lift saggy skin of the lower face and to improve the jowls that start to develop as we lose volume. Dr Marjan Goodacre has special techniques for her Jaw line filler treatments which help to slim the lower face when required and if necessary she can also create more volume and definition.

There are a number of different smile lines that start to deepen as we age and Dr Marjan Goodacre can smooth these out using dermal filler. The nose to lip lines are one of the first lines that become pronounced as we age and some people suffer from superficial smile lines that radiate over the rest of the face. Dr Goodacre has treatments for all types of smile lines. The downward smile lines that extend from the corners of the mouth can also be treated to improve the sad appearance that can sometimes present.

Its normal to look tired and to get eye bags occasionally, but if the tear trough and/or eye bags are always present then it may be worth treating them. Tear trough filler treatment replaces the volume loss beneath the eyes. The eye area is very thin and delicate. When volume is lost in this area, the skin almost entirely sits on the bone without any fat pad between. The dermal filler treatment replaces the fat pad lost and reduces the tear trough appearance.

The nose is a great area for treatment with dermal filler. It avoids the complications and recovery period that was always an issue for surgery. Non-surgical rhinoplasty with dermal filler has minimal downtime in comparison. The procedure is very quick and straightforward. If you have a hump or would like a tip lift or maybe your nose is just uneven and needs smoothing out then this procedure is for you.

Although forehead wrinkles are mostly treated with Botox®, occasionally it is appropriate to use dermal filler for forehead treatment. Forehead dermal filler treatment can be used to smooth out lines and wrinkles or to improve the contour of the forehead if it is uneven, concave or has bony bumps. Dr Goodacre can discuss which treatments are most suitable for you.

When we age, the facial fat pads diminish and the bony areas start to shrink. The volume loss changes that occur lead to saggy skin. In order to lift and support the saggy skin, research has shown that replacing the areas of volume loss is more desirable than simply pulling the skin taut. Using dermal filler Dr Marjan Goodacre will support and lift the skin from specific areas and at the same time assist with volume loss. Dr Marjan Goodacre may require 4-8 syringes for a mini-face lift.

Dr Marjan Goodacre is well known for her full face restoration, enhancement and sculpting using Dermal Filler. This treatment becomes essential when someone has not had Dermal Filler treatment previously or it has not been done effectively in the past. When there is volume loss as well as deep lines and wrinkles, full face restoration will be necessary to catch up with time. 12 to 16 syringes may be required to achieve the desired results. These will be carried out in sessions of 4 syringes at a time. Once caught up maintenance will be much easier and may only require 2 syringes every 6 months.

The hands are a common area that age quickly and are always visible. Dr Marjan Goodacre uses Dermal Filler to restore and rejuvenate the hands. Most of the time 1 or 2 syringes may be all that is required to restore the volume loss and rejuvenate the hands.